About Arthroplastywatch

Arthroplastywatch is a unique meeting place for information on joint implants. Data are collected around the clock through our specially developed search routines. The data are examined in several steps of medical and statistical expertise.

Arthroplastywatch is the essential site for the working professional, industry, government and the interested public regarding joint implants.

Arthroplastywatch has been developed as an information project during 2011-2012 with the purpose of collecting data on arthroplasty safety issues from a wide range of information sources on the Internet and disseminating this in one single, publicly accessible, channel.

Two levels of notifications are used. When there is the potential for a safety issue to occur, but this is still uncertain, 1) Caution is warranted. 2) Warning is declared, when a safety issue is imminent or already occurring.

The Arthroplastywatch website opened on February 1, 2013, presenting safety information collected during the second half of 2012.

The initiative has been supported by a large number of international arthroplasty experts, many of these also participating in the project as members of the scientific advisory board.

The project team is located in Lund, Sweden, and the project is financially supported by a grant from the Medical Faculty of Lund University, Sweden.