Project team

The Arthroplastywatch project team in Lund, Sweden, currently includes the following members:

Professor Lidgren MD, PhD, Professor of Orthopedics, Lund University, Sweden, and Copenhagen University, Denmark. He is honorary member of several of the major orthopedic societies and has been Director of the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, Musculoskeletal Competence Centre. He is author and co-author of over 290 scientific publications. He was a founding member of EFORT, EORS, EBJIS, FFN and Swedish Rheumasurgical Society. He initiated in Lund in 1998 the worldwide Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010. Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Board member of Bone Support, Lund, Sweden and Orthocell, Perth, Australia.

Jonas Ranstam, PhD, CStat, Professor of medical statistics (adjunct) at Lund University, Sweden. He is author and co-author of over 250 scientific publications, deputy editor of Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, Acta Orthopaedica’s statistics consultant, and statistical reviewer for the Lancet. Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Member of the FREE Publication Committee (financially supported by Medtronic Inc.) and of the Swedish Knee Arthroplasty Register steering group.

Ann Alriksson-Schmidt, PhD, MSPH is a developmental psychologist with a broad experience in public health and disability. Conflict of Interest Disclosure: None.